Here’s a list of some of the traders that exhibited in the past and booked for this year. It’s by no means complete, but might be useful to you if you need to find an item or two. There will be more added as time goes on. Bookmark the page, thanks.

Olfi Cameras                                                            Stiltskin Art

Dragon Motorcycles                                               Three Fairies

Everything Taylor Made                                        Monkey-Butt Bikes

Wicked Fairies                                                         Steelwall Photos

Kimz Leathers                                                          Fastline Bikes

Racing Batteries                                                       Jimmy’s Leathers

Amore Moto                                                              RAMS Adventures

Bretton Motorcycles                                                Sorry Mate

Hippy Waistcoats                                                     Graphics 2 Go

 Red Torpedo                                                             Mid Life Classics

Soulful Living                                                           Talanah Gama Art

Roadskin                                                                     Skull Badges

Scott Leathers                                                            Brilliant Jewelery

Link Powder Coating                                                B Dennis M/C Consumables

Triumph                                                                      Ducati

Royal Enfield                                                              CCM

Indian                                                                          Moto Morini

Herald                                                                         Mavericks Motorcycles

There’s more so keep checking here!!