Fancy riding alongside Allen Millyard’s totally awesome 5,000cc V-twin Flying Millyard at LlanBikeFest? Because the legendary specials builder is not only riding the bike on the 360 mile round trip from his home to the Festival – he’s planning to thunder up the Horseshoe Pass to the Ponderosa Cafe on Sunday. And with 80 bhp at just 1800 rpm, he’ll probably do it in top gear.

“My bikes are built to be used,” he said. “I’ve ridden the FM around 4500 miles to shows and events across the UK, including the  Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and Guernsey. I am really looking forward to riding round LlanBikeFest and hope others will enjoy it.”

Photos Courtesy Roland Brown – read Roland’s excellent review of the bike in the Daily Telegraph here.

The FM took 11 months to make and was made especially for entry into Salon Privé concourse d’elegance in September 2013.
The engine is totally hand made including the two inch smooth bore carbs, with exception of the 1942 Pratt & Whitney radial engine cylinders and pistons that displace almost 2500cc each. Most of the cycle parts were hand crafted or adapted from period components to create a period-looking but up scaled 1920s board track racer.

  • Salon Privé concourse d’elegance Blenheim Palace 2013 : Best in Class and Most OTT vehicle.
  • Stafford Show April 2015: Engineering Excellence Award.
  • Poole Bike Night Bike of the Night, July 2016 and Bike of the Year, September 2016

See more about Allen on his Facebook pages.

Allen with the Flying Millyard plus his unbelievable 500bhp Viper V10.