Llangollen Motorcycle Shows History

There were successful bike shows on the Llangollen Pavilion site in 2009, 2010 and 2011, run by a previous organiser. In 2014 the new LlanBikeFest Team decided to start a new event.

The idea for LlanBikeFest as an annual ‘all bikes, family-friendly festival’ was conceived in October 2014.

We reckon we got the bones of it about right at LlanBikeFest 2015. And it has got bigger and better every year!

From the beginning we decided that the Festival’s Nominated Charity would be The Wales Air Ambulance.

Proceeds left after paying for the Festival go to this Great Service and we’d like to say “Thanks for being there when we need you”.

Visit the Air Ambulance Website to learn more about what they do. ⇒