Meet Frank Melling at LlanBikeFest and pick up a signed copy of his books including – ‘Ride of My Life’.

Frank Melling genuinely does have almost every t-shirt in the motorcycling box with a passion stretching back from a bike mad child to a bike mad grown up – or at least slightly grown up!
Whilst still a student, Frank was BSA’s last works rider. He was there the day BSA closed – and cried as the chains went on to the factory gates.

He then rode works Triumphs and became a personal friend of the legendary Triumph designer, Doug Hele.
Frank is one of the very last of the old school, all round competitors and has won in a vast range of disciplines including hillclimbing, sprints, road races, desert racing, grass tracks, sand racing and enduros – and all over the world too. If it’s got two wheels, Frank has raced it!
Frank’s journalism and writing career is just as varied. He has now written over 1,700 full length feature articles, film scripts, TV ads and much more. He has written 21 books so far – with more planned.
His hilarious autobiography, “A Penguin in a Sparrow’s Nest” – and that’s a quirky title for a bike book! – has been a best seller, with over 153 five star reviews on Amazon.
Away from bike books, Frank writes a wide range of fiction and he’ll have his latest novel “A Very Greek Romance” at Llanbikefest – right alongside his legendary, award winning Seeley Suzuki Grand Prix road race machine.