Meet the organisers at LlanBikefest 2019, find out what’s next on their agenda and sign up for an adventure in support of a very worthy cause!
Get This... They raised £40,000 this year for  Macmillan Cancer Support!!! What an absolutely fantastic bunch of people. Well Done from the humbled LlanBikeFest Team and Thank You.

RIDE Cymru & RIDE Capitals Events  members will be on show dressed in their famously recognisable Evil Knievel outfits with some of the bikes used in this years Charity Fundraising ride around Wales.

The Guinness World Records had permitted RIDE Cymru 2019 to attempt a record for the ‘Largest gathering of people dressed as Evel Knievel’. Come and speak to the team to see how it all went.

Get your sewing machines out and knock up an EVEL Suit and sign up to one of their events.