The 1916 Triumph that’s believed to have carried the German Kaiser’s surrender document to allied HQ on November 11 1918 is one of a special display of motorcycles over 100 years old that will be at LlanBikeFest.

The 550cc Model H is one of several (see pix below) owned and ridden regularly by Brad Jones of Froncysllte, near Llangollen. Its history includes letters from an army officer revealing its vital role in the signing of the armistice.

It will be among an array of machines at least 100 years old, in a display called The LlanBikeFest Centenary Club. An even older 1913 Triumph 500 cc TT Replica, owned by Neil Shirley, will be part of an exhibit by the Vintage Motor Cycle Club, with machines representing each of the last 10 decades. And Jeff Owen of the Llangollen Motor Museum will be riding his own 1916 Triumph to the Festival.

It’s tribute to the engineering skills of our motorcycling forefathers that many of these bikes are still on the road and going strong.